Complete Guide on How to Order via Billease

1. Go to our website:

2. Add to cart your chosen product then proceed to CHECKOUT.

3. Fill up the information needed then click CONTINUE TO SHIPPING.

4. Review your details then click CONTINUE PAYMENT

5. Choose BILLEASE as your payment option then click BUY NOW

6. Billease will send a confirmation of your order, please check your email and click on SEE OTHER PLANS

7. Download Billease App in Google Playstore.

8. Click the LOGIN (if you already have an account) or SIGN UP 

9. Check your email from Billease and click HERE

10. You will be routed to the Billease App, login and fill up the information asked

11. Click on FINISH APPLICATION. You will be asked to upload your ID, take a selfie holding your ID and your source of income.

12. After completing the details. You will be informed if your application was approved or declined. Click GO TO HOMEPAGE.

13. The homepage shows your available limit. Click on INSTALLMENT to complete your Mario and Maria order and click CLAIM NOW

14. Choose your installment option then click NEXT

15. Below shows transaction completed. Click OKAY

16. Review the summary of your order and waiting for shipping time.