Eyelash Perming Kit (Lash Lift) Instructions

Before following these instructions, having someone help you do this will make the process much quicker. Remove eye contacts if you have any. Avoid getting any of the solutions in your eye.

The box instructions advise to use eye pads and plastic film, which are not provided with the kit. However, the eye pad is optional and is meant to prevent the solutions from touching your skin. Alternatively, you can cover your skin with anything that can stick to it.

1. Using the Cleanser Agent, apply it on cotton swab and clean off any residue or dust particles from your eyelashes. Also to help with the third step, clean your eyelids as it will help the silicone pad stick on easier.

2. To make the next step easier, curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. (Optional, if your lashes don't curl easily, it may be more difficult to have it stick to the silicone pad)

3. Pick the preferred curl of the silicone pad you desire. Using the Eyelash Glue, apply it to the back of the silicone pad then place it to your eyelid without any skin showing above your lashes. Hold it in place for at least 30 seconds until it sticks. (Keep in mind this step is difficult as your eyelashes may come off the silicone pad, but make sure to not use too much glue as it won't dry quick enough.)

4. Once the silicone pad is in place, using the Eyelash Glue apply it on the base of the silicone pad and wait for at least 15 seconds after applying the glue. This allows the lashes to attach to the pad in the next step.

5. Using the Cleaning Tool (You may use a different tool if it helps), brush your lashes onto the base of the silicone pad until it has stuck on there. Use additional glue if needed. Wait 1 minute after it has set onto the silicone pad.

6. Using a Perm Agent, apply it on a cotton swab and brush it along your lashes. Using cling film, place it on your eyes to keep the lashes in place. Wait 8 - 12 minutes for it to set (we advise waiting 12 minutes for the best results and not to go over 12 minutes)

7. Remove the cling film, repeat step 6 using the Fixation Agent instead of a Perm Agent.

8. OPTIONAL: If you would like to apply tint, you can do so after 12 minutes of applying the fixation agent. Remove the cling film, Apply the tint for the time stated on your tint box.

9. Remove the cling film, apply the Cleanser Agent onto a cloth and then wipe all the solutions off your lashes and your lashes will begin to detach from the silicone pad. Remove the silicone pad and continue wiping your eyelid.

10.After cleansing the your eyelashes, you can use a cotton swab or any other brushes for your lashes to brush the Nutrition Agent along your lashes to moisturize it.

The results may vary depending on how you have applied it, if the instructions are followed properly your lashes may not lift. Try NOT to get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application as this may reduce the effect of the lift, however if you experience irritation then proceed to wash out your eyes with water.