Aphrodite 8 in 1 Beauty Device
Aphrodite 8 in 1 Beauty Device

Aphrodite 8 in 1 Beauty Device

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Aphrodite 8 in 1 Beauty Device can effectively solve skin problems such as fine lines, dry skin, enlarge pores, acne, dark circle, etc. Using unique radio frequency therapy, safe and secure, deeply repair skin, helps to face wrinkles quickly and achieve V shaped face.

Main Features:

1. Mini size and portable, convenient and easy to use.

2. Effectively solve multiple skin problems, such as large pores, acne, dark circles, dull skin, fine lines, etc.

3. RF: Warm the subcutaneous muscles through the quadrupole electric conduction, stimulate collagen regeneration and promote blood circulation.

4. High-energy pulse instantly increases the permeability of the skin cell membrane and promotes the absorption of skin care products.

5. Photon therapy, strengthen skin repair, accelerate protein synthesis, stimulate collagen regeneration.


Multi-pole RF technology: using 4-level RF technology, it emits 1MHZ high frequency, activates cell-proliferating collage fibers, diminishes fine lines and makes skin firm and elastic.

EMS (Electric Muscle Simulation) Mode: Enhances skin firmness, activates cells to stimulate collagen proliferation, allows muscles to move twice, opens skin channels and promotes deep absorption of nutrients

Photon Therapy Rejuvenation Mode: 5 kinds of high-efficiency glare to activate young skin. Effectively stimulates collagen regeneration, increases skin elasticity, removes wrinkles and acne, shrinks large pores.

Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Mode: reduce sebum secretion and redness, activate cells enhance collagen fiber elasticity, prevent skin redness, eliminate inflammation, stimulate collagen regeneration

High Vibration Mode: enhance cell ecological cycle, high-frequency vibration 8600mm/s frequency, massage toning, promote circulation metabolism, equivalent to the effect of vibrating rod.